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    Should point out that TK and NT do not own their rookie picks.

    Also, it's the last ranked power team who buys the keg, right?


    That's a fair point on RP ownership. Many teams have dealt away their picks, including the Strongfighters, BINGO, East Bay Funk, Naughty Thoughts, Team Kitty among others.

    As for the "loser rule", I think that's correct, the last ranked team at the end of the regular season.


    If Beavercats lose week 12 and 13 and Pomona wins out and Fuego wins week 12 only, they all finish 8-5.

    At that point, the tiebreaker would give one team the division and the other team the 4th playoff spot.

    Who would get what position based on the current stats?


    Who owns Naughty's pick?


    Wetzel owns the NT pick

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