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    I didn't write this with the intent on bashing Irie.

    My point was just to highlight how lucky and/or brilliant the move has worked out for Firkin.

    As I've always said luck plays a huge part, though if it was 90%, there wouldn't be consistency in the playoffs over a ten or fifteen year period, which there is. But luck is a huge, huge factor, in particular in terms of winning it all. But you make some of your luck, and that's what Firkin did with this trade.


    And to think Short Bus bashed this trade at the deadline. He later did admit that his wife likes Sanchez and was pissed that he went to another squad.


    That's funny insight...sounds like Irie has an owner to dump Sanchez on.


    Short Bus also bashed TK post draft. On August 7, 2010, he wrote my silent partner in an e-mail "if you want my honest opinion, it's a horrible team. I he's a bottom 4 team. I'm being honest here."


    And it was a bottom four team in a league without the strongs and a gm who gave up his entire lineup to team kitty by week five.

    As for the trade, I think Sanchez will be a great QB and Mathews was the #1 rp. Paying 250 for Brady and turner is going to be difficult for Firkin.

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