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    Right after Salem finishes talking about the Short Bus, Ron Jeremy chimes in "Short Bus, you suck -- no repeat for Short Bus."



    About not getting brees...

    it's obvious, in hindsight, that the Orton for Brees' rights deal was the best thing to happen to my squad. Gresham has been pretty solid at TE as well. Daniels, not so much.

    Really need Portis to come back (at least as trade bait) and figure out who the right WRs to start each week. The AFC is rough.


    love the graphics


    I think Todd should be looking to deal Orton hard right now. He's been a classic 1st half of the year starting QB who implodes in the 2nd half in every year he's started more than 10 games. So while he's looked good to date (actually he was miserable yesterday in terms of actual NFL performance) mark my words, he won't be a top 10 fantasy QB by the end of the year.


    "Team Kitty isn't a playoff contender"


    Short Bus, you still suck.


    I was obviously wrong about the 7-1 Team Kitty not being a playoff contender. In fact I believe they have clinched (or are one win away) a playoff spot. Now its about best record in the AFC conference to get the bigger guaranteed payday :)


    Love the glimpse of Jib Nation at 9:45. Within the hour he was disrobed and face down ass up.


    very good point.... Fuego

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