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    I don't mind getting the cup engraved. It gives me worth.

    What if TK finally wins the cup and then the Trips win it the following year? We expect Team Kitty to put "The Jack Trippers" on the cup? How tempting would it be for him to instead put "F&CK THE JACK TRIPPERS" instead and now the cup would be quasi-ruined?

    Cage Match Fo Life



    lol cage match fo life...nice. I nominate CMFL as our new commish.


    lets try the cage match during the rookie tourney. if its a success, i would be more inclined to vote for it to be implemented during the regular season for a week or two

    also, i like the idea of the point change from 1 to .1 (first idea under scoring/lineup changes)
    BUT, i cant get over the fact that we would have scores with decimal points. i know, this sounds ridiculous. if we can manipulate the final score (maybe multiply by 10) to eliminate the decimal id be for it. i can see it now, 88.3 to 88.4. ughh.

    to be clear, if you voted for the first idea then you essentially voted to changed the scoring system as well - from 1 point for every 15 yards to 1 point for every 10 yards (from 1 point for every 45 yards passing to 1 point for every 30 yards passing)

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